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    2014 OPT Circuit Women's Calendar

    06-Jan  10-Mar  (TBA) 12-May  (TBA) 14-Jul  (TBA) 15-Sep  (TBA) 17-Nov  (TBA)
    13-Jan 17-Mar  (TBA) 19-May  (TBA) 21-Jul  (TBA) 22-Sep  (TBA) 24-Nov  (TBA)
    20-Jan 24-Mar  (TBA) 26-May  (TBA) 28-Jul  (TBA) 29-Sep  (TBA) 01-Dec  (TBA)
    27-Jan 31-Mar  (TBA) 02-Jun  (TBA) 04-Aug  (TBA) 06-Oct  (TBA) 08-Dec  (TBA)
    03-Feb 07-Apr  (TBA) 09-Jun  (TBA) 11-Aug  (TBA) 13-Oct  (TBA) 15-Dec  (TBA)
    10-Feb 14-Apr  (TBA) 16-Jun  (TBA) 18-Aug  (TBA) 20-Oct  (TBA) 22-Dec  (TBA)
    17-Feb 21-Apr  (TBA) 23-Jun  (TBA) 25-Aug  (TBA) 27-Oct  (TBA) 29-Dec  (TBA)
    24-Feb (TBA) 28-Apr  (TBA) 30-Jun  (TBA) 1-Sep  (TBA) 3-Nov  (TBA)  
    03-Mar  (TBA) 05-May  (TBA) 07-Jul  (TBA) 08-Sep  (TBA) 10-Nov  (TBA)  
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    2014 OPT Circuit Men's Calendar

    06-Jan  10-Mar  IRI F3-Kish USD 10k 12-May 14-Jul 15-Sep  (TBA) 17-Nov  (TBA)
    13-Jan 17-Mar 19-May 21-Jul 22-Sep  (TBA) 24-Nov  (TBA)
    20-Jan 24-Mar 26-May 28-Jul 29-Sep  (TBA) 01-Dec  (TBA)
    27-Jan 31-Mar 02-Jun 04-Aug 06-Oct  (TBA) 08-Dec  (TBA)
    03-Feb 07-Apr 09-Jun 11-Aug 13-Oct  (TBA) 15-Dec  (TBA)
    10-Feb 14-Apr IRI F5-Kish USD 10k 16-Jun 18-Aug IRI F8-Tehran USD 10k 20-Oct  (TBA) 22-Dec  (TBA)
    17-Feb 21-Apr IRI F6-Kish USD 10k 23-Jun 25-Aug IRI F9-Tehran USD 10k 27-Oct  (TBA) 29-Dec  (TBA)
    24-Feb   IRI F1-Kish USD 10k 28-Apr IRI F7-Kish USD 10k 30-Jun 01-Sep IRI F10-Tehran USD 10k 3-Nov  (TBA)  
    03-Mar  IRI F2-Kish USD 10k 05-May 07-Jul 08-Sep  (TBA) 10-Nov  (TBA)  
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1st shock on the 1st day of doubles competition

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:01

OPT Circuit ITF Pro Circuit Iran F8...


Qualifying Draw of F8 is done

Friday, 15 August 2014 23:56

The qualifying draw of the OPT Circuit...


Only 3 days left to the start of OPT Circuit IRI F8

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:15

The registration for OPT Circuit IRI F8...



Saturday, 09 August 2014 15:27

Age: 22 (01 Sep 1991) Birthplace:...


Tehran OPT Circuit at the largest tennis club in Middle East

Sunday, 13 July 2014 14:27

OPT Circuit ITF Futures events IRI F8,...



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1  Toni ANDROIC (CRO) 62
2  Victor Crivoi (ROU) 46
3  Pedja Krstin (SRB)  22
4  Michael Linzer (AUT)  18
5  Marko Tepavac (SRB) 18
6  Martin Vaisse (FRA) 16
7  Alexis Musialek (FRA) 16
8  Vadim Alekseenko (UKR) 16
9  Matias Sborowitz (CHI) 16
10  Patrick Ciorcila (ROU)


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